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Having gone through a crisis himself, he has used a life changing experience as inspiration to help others going through tough stuff. Tim can provide you with hope and a solid plan to help you become the architect for your life.

Business – the search for an ethical compass

You owe it to yourself and those around you to look deeper at his powerful program. This is the Primary Sidebar Widget Area. You can add content to this area by visiting your Widgets Panel and adding new widgets to this area.

Setting an ethical compass in the digital age

This is the Secondary Sidebar Widget Area. Moreover, this is a sensitive topic for both designers and users. However, I believe there is an easier way for everybody to objectively value their creation and consumption of digital content. And it all has to do with time. Time is the framework around which we organise our lives.

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We eat at certain times, meet at certain times, sleep at certain times. We plan by the hour, we invoice by the hour. And we celebrate when a certain amount of time has passed. The harsh truth is that our amount of hours are limited and are slowly ticking away. As a result, we spend a big part of our lives presuming that the time we have left to do meaningful things is almost infinite. However, when you actually start counting, things might not look so sunny.

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Imagine that your parents are 62 like mine and that they will live up until And probably less in great health. If you would visit them once a month like I do and your visits last around 4 hours, this means that you have something like hours left. With both of them. In comparison, an average user will burn through the same hours behind a screen, in well under 6 months. In their free time. Doing lots of not so meaningful things. It is not completely our fault that we are so glued to our screens. Everything seems to be designed in a way that tickles our curiosity.

Because what these mechanics are basically doing, is taking away little bits of time for their benefit.

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And over the long run, being sincerely happy and fulfilled, shifts closer and closer to being trivially entertained and busy. I love technology and all the amazing stuff it brings us every single day.

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But what I am saying, is that a lot of the time we spend behind screens is either unintentional or unnecessary, and that we need to do something about it. For ourselves but especially for the coming generations.

Time as an ethical compass towards more mindful design | Dept Agency

How about a newsletter that unsubscribes itself when you no longer open it, like Rockstart a startup accelerator from Amsterdam? Or a chatbot that sees that you cancelled a ride, and offers you a refund the second you open it as Lyft does? Or submitting a video message instead of filling in a tedious long form to claim something on your renters insurance, like Lemonade? These examples may seem small, but in fact, they are big gestures.

It’s about time

By mindfully designing their communication and products, these companies are giving us little gifts of time and show us that there are better ways to engage in the digital world. It leads me to conclude that what people truly want from technology is not an urge to interact more with it but a need to interact less with it. So technology starts living up to its promise.

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An Ethical Compass An Ethical Compass
An Ethical Compass An Ethical Compass
An Ethical Compass An Ethical Compass
An Ethical Compass An Ethical Compass
An Ethical Compass An Ethical Compass
An Ethical Compass An Ethical Compass
An Ethical Compass An Ethical Compass
An Ethical Compass An Ethical Compass

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