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Top Tracks of Johann Kaspar Mertz

Edition of Collected Works comprising about one-third of the composer's total output. Selected and edited by Simon Wynberg. Mertz was a leading guitarist composer from the Romantic period and his works are frequently performed in concerts today. His works are in the language and style of Mendelssohn, Schubert and Liszt. Johann Kaspar Mertz Joseph Kaspar Mertz was the leading Austrian guitarist during the middle of the nineteenth century. He began to play the guitar and flute as a youth and was compelled to give music lessons at an early age. Mertz left his birthplace in to establish himself in Vienna.

At that time, Tobias Haslinger began to publish guitar music of Mertz. Mertz appeared in a concert at the Hofburgtheater in Vienna in November under the patronage of the Empress Carolina Augusta. The success of this concert introduced Mertz to the Viennese social and artistic elite. He embarked on a concert tour in , playing concerts in Austria, Poland, Russia, and Berlin.

They returned to Vienna where they were both active as teachers, composers, and concert artists, often performing duets of their own composition for guitar and piano. Mertz was diagnosed with neuralgia in , for which he was prescribed strychnine. Having no familiarity with the drug, Josephine dispensed the entire prescription in one does and Mertz s health weakened.

After nearly 18 months of care Mertz regained his health and resumed his concert career in February of The composer was apparently able to continue preparing material for publication during his illness. Josephine Mertz recounted that during one of their concert tours in , a customs official suspected Mertz of selling music supplies, because he was traveling with two guitars and a vast quantity of strings.

Mertz explained to the official that he had devised a new method with which he plays the strings with his fingernails and that they provide a superior tone but at the same time cause the strings to deteriorate too quickly. Taken literally, this report provides evidence that Mertz at this time preferred the use of nails, a topic of debate among guitarists throughout the nineteenth century. As for the need for two guitars, it is probable that one was a terz guitar for duets with piano and the other a string guitar for solo music.

Suffering from heart disease and general frail health, Mertz passed away on October 14, , shortly after returning to Vienna from a concert tour. On December 10, Mertz was posthumously awarded first prize for his Concertino the composer s last work, according to Frau Mertz in a guitar composition and construction competition in Brussels organized by the Russian nobleman and guitarist Nikolai Makaroff Josephine Mertz remained in Vienna until her death in at 84 years of age.

Choral -- 6. Choral -- 7.

Bardenklänge op. 13 Nr. 1 – 14

Choral -- 8. Studio -- 9. Studio 2 -- Studio 3 - Canone -- Ghiribizzo -- Capriccio -- Danza mediterranea -- Contents: Rumores de la Caleta, Op. Pieces two, three and four are from Piezas caracteristicas, Op. With a note about the editor.

Barden-Klange Op.13: Volume 2 Elfenreigen

These duets were composed around , and were based on string quartets composed by Enrique Ataide y Portugal. This volume contains the first three of the six duos. La sentimentale -- 2. La danse des Shadoks -- 3. La Java de jadis -- 4. With notes in French. This edition contains Duos Nos.

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With a foreword. Allegro -- 3. Piccola romanza -- 4. Piccolo valzer -- 6. Melanconico -- 7. Country Dance -- 8. Nostalgico -- 9. American mood -- Le petit marteau -- Danza guerresca -- Vento d'autunno -- Chanson pour une demoiselle -- This second of the 3 volume set contains ten moderately difficult selections, including several gaillards, a ballad and several allemands. Realizations for guitar of several lute and bandora tablatures by Holborne.

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Lute music: Anthony pavan -- Piece without title -- Fantasia No. Bandora music: A ground -- Pavan No. Arietta -- 2. Lisa's Song -- 3. Chanson du printemps -- 4. Ballade pour Marie -- 5.

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Swingin' the Shuffle -- 7. Sicilienne -- 8. My Own Way -- 9. Isabelle -- La princesse aux roses -- Blues for You -- Feeling Blue -- Collection created and directed by Reno Brandoni. Contents: Study No.

‎Regondi & Mertz: Guitar Music by Ricardo Gallen on Apple Music

With preface by the editor. Transcriptions of works written for lute, harpsichord, five-course guitar and violin. Contains 27 selections by Purcell, J. Bach, Buxtehude and Silvius-Leopold Weiss. Special import - allow months. Additional charges for week…. Text by Susan Laura Lugo. Berceuse ancienne -- 2. Canzonetta -- 3. El pas perdido -- 4.

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  • Hachijofujihyokohappyakugojuuyonnmeetorukuroshionisobierukazan (Japanese Edition).
  • Nostalgie -- 6. Tourbillon -- 8. With biographical notes in French and English. Of moderate difficulty. Quand il neige -- 2. Au bord du lac Rymal -- 3.

    Guitar Works, Vol.4: Bardenklange Book 2

    Saudade -- 4. Nocturne -- 5. Vendredi With a biographical note in French. Of moderate to advanced difficulty. Imaginary Tango -- 2. Noupour -- 4.

    Green Spanish Taratula's Sleeves -- 5. Nico de Buenos-Aires. With a biographical note in French and English. Each piece is dedicated to a different person. An Malvina -- 2. Romanze -- 3. Abenlied -- 4. Unruhe -- 5. Elfenreigen -- 6. En die Entfernte -- 7. Etude -- 8. With a foreword by Angelo Gilardino and editorial notes, in Italian and English.

    Mertz's Op. It was first published…. Marcia -- 2. Allegro moderato -- 3.

    Bardenklänge Vol.14 - Guitar Bardenklänge Vol.14 - Guitar
    Bardenklänge Vol.14 - Guitar Bardenklänge Vol.14 - Guitar
    Bardenklänge Vol.14 - Guitar Bardenklänge Vol.14 - Guitar
    Bardenklänge Vol.14 - Guitar Bardenklänge Vol.14 - Guitar
    Bardenklänge Vol.14 - Guitar Bardenklänge Vol.14 - Guitar
    Bardenklänge Vol.14 - Guitar Bardenklänge Vol.14 - Guitar
    Bardenklänge Vol.14 - Guitar Bardenklänge Vol.14 - Guitar

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