Das unendliche Blau: Roman (German Edition)

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Julias Moon might be the most mainstream band of the night, but their social media bio makes it seem like they're not entirely sure what to make of themselves yet: "Julias Moon is a progressive pop group?! His videos are grotesque short films, some of which combine the aesthetics of a mid-career Britney Spears and a mild Lars von Trier.

Viewers see idealized bodies going through the motions of music video choreography, all within a gloomy romantic landscape setting. Also on the bill is Kill J: With a smooth production, gentle vocals, and a certain Indian touch, she sounds like a sweeter version of M. Androgyny seems to be a theme among the artists showcased, and Kill J, with her striking undercut set off with a single blond streak, is no exception. Blaue Blume, the fourth band of the night, rounds out the trend: All four of the guys have shoulder-length hair, and their vocals recall fellow gender-bender Antony Hegarty of Antony and the Johnsons.

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Most clubs want to sell drinks to as many people as possible. But one club owner in Germany is breaking the mold and putting young musicians ahead of money. His project is catching on - thanks to the local community. They may be well over 70, but retirement is nowhere in sight. Even in peak vacation season, Europe's culture scene is busier than ever. August features a variety of film, theater and dance festivals. And there are a few concerts that shouldn't be missed either. The award-winning conductor was one of the most renowned in the world. Since , he had been chief conductor of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Concerts, exhibitions, city tours and performances: For an entire year, Germany will celebrate one of its most famous citizens, Ludwig van Beethoven, on the th anniversary of his birth.

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Hungary has pulled out of the Eurovision Song Contest that will take place in Rotterdam. Original Title. Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Das unendliche Blau. Nicole rated it really liked it Mar 17, Awanzer rated it liked it Mar 18, Andrea rated it really liked it Jun 09, In an appendix further information about Jewish culture and history are included. He counts his friends, but not his enemies for it is an honor to be included in Tiger's count , and everything that creeps and flees. The reader can practice too, in memory of the nice days of counting with little Tiger. This is probably what Dodo thinks, after her birthday wish for such a fish was fulfilled. It can turn red and blue and multi-colors when it wants to.

It can run around the table with Dodo and Dodo can swim with it in the aquarium. They want to find out which is better, running or swimming. Naturally they do all this only in private, without any family audience. The text and illustrations hit the bull's-eye of the secret world of children and fyshes, just as one would expect from this author-illustrator team. Who Has Seen the Bear?

So he looks for the forest while his keeper looks for him. In general it is merely known that the bear possesses the ability to stand on his hands and on his head and to wiggle his ears. However, the author admits that he made up this bear. Uwe Kant gives younger children a funny story and quite incidentally a first introduction into the method and purpose of literary story-telling. Ostereier Easter-Eggs Esslingen: Schreiber, ISBN Easter Egg - Nonsense This unusual picture book is an incentive for an entertaining egg hunt and riddle solving at Eastertime and anytime, where ever eggs can be searched for and found: in the woods, on the catwalk, and even in egg paradise.

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The painter from Lithuania, who did this book especially for the German publisher, lets richly detailed, brilliantly colored pages tell his story. Each of them has had to deal with death. Seada's brother and her father died in the Yugoslavian civil war. Corinna's twin sister died as a baby. The author succeeds in vividly portraying the considerable differences in experience between the two children. Minor features of everyday life become important due to the different associations each makes. The reader learns how the two girls together succeed in getting over the catastrophic experiences of their childhoods.

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Germany German - - 92 Merten, C. Gestehen Sie, Dr. Confess, Dr. Berlin: Elefanten Press, But soon they make an unexpected discovery while trying to help an indisposed Mary and find themselves on the trail of a crime. With much humor, the author pokes fun at television reality, where virtual and genuine reality can hardly be distinguished from one another anymore.

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ISBN House-sharing - Family - Friendship - Role-switch Jonas has two moms, two dads, five grannys and three grandpas, as well as several half-brothers and half-sisters because his parents are divorced and remarried. His friend Pablo and his mother, who is also separated from her husband, shares a flat with others. Jonas and Pablo decide to switch families on a trial basis, but this doesn't work out. Jonas comes to the realization that to get a divorce one must be an adult.

A delightful reminiscence on the days of the student revolution generation, which only partly succeeded in finding new forms of family-style living. Yet she had given her word of honor to her brother that she would not do so. When the Russian army approaches, the soldiers take revenge for all the injustice suffered at the hands of Germans by randomly shooting down most of the village inhabitants.

The young Russian is not there to save Anna's family. He had already been shot by her fanatic brother. The author succeeds in rendering an extreme situation in a impressive literary form. He tries to be a pig: puffs himself up, wallows in pink paint and puts on a cardboard snout. But when he discovers that the usefulness of a pig is calculated in pounds, he prefers to find a more intellectual occupation.

He pricks anyone who picks on other people. To everyone's joy, these bad-tempered people become ready and willing to improve themselves. This is a parable about the role of material and spiritual values in life. Das geht doch nicht! That Won't Work! No one can or wants to try to stop her, but they grow more and more amazed. It appears to be something gigantic. The family is already celebrating under the Christmas tree in the kitchen there is not enough room anywhere else when the beloved child finally reveals the secret.

The family is given a ship, big enough for them all to fit into, and they immediately go off to the sea, even though the necessary demolition of the apartment house in order to get the ship to water is rather disturbing to some of them. This affectionate-ironical story about the situation of the youngest children, who are both gifted and pampered, and whose wishes are hard to refuse. The illustrations supplement the events of the plot in a very successful, chaotic manner. The director is trying to track down his family roots.

He and his oriental friend become younger and younger the longer the journey lasts. This is a fantastic, but worldly novel written as a series of episodes from the mysterious world of the circus. The progress of his journey is burdened by the unexpected arrival of an at first unwelcome young female accompaniment. Surprisingly it turns out that the success of the entire undertaking would be questionable without her assistance. The author gives a captivating account of the peoples and landscape of the far North.

With this example of the fate of an unusual woman, the reader is presented with a vivid segment of the history of political upheavals and the beginnings of women's liberation in Central Europe. Even younger children will be able to understand how literature and life influence one another with this short biography.

As a young boy Lorca lived amidst the other children in his surroundings as a dreamy outsider. Up to his early death in the Spanish Civil War, writing poetry was an existential necessity in his life, which the author cautiously tracked down. But his uncle has been murdered to mention only the beginnings of this pleasureably told satire-detective story. Uncle Ludwig's well-preserved corpse is hidden in the horror house where Wilfried works. The story is settled to everyone's satisfaction and the bad guys get their just reward.

Das unendliche Blau: Roman (German Edition)
Das unendliche Blau: Roman (German Edition)
Das unendliche Blau: Roman (German Edition)
Das unendliche Blau: Roman (German Edition)
Das unendliche Blau: Roman (German Edition)
Das unendliche Blau: Roman (German Edition)

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