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First up, here is the abstract for the study, which as every good abstract aims to do, explains the study and its findings;. Four hundred and twenty-four runners completed a questionnaire concerning their running habits and the mental processes which occur while running. Over half of the respondents experience a trance-like state with wide variation in depth, along with increased receptivity to internal events, absorption, and vivid imagery, all hallmarks of auto-hypnosis.

The techniques used to get into a trance are the same as those commonly employed in hetero-hypnosis; rhythmical deep breathing, eye fixation, and repetition of a sound or phrase. Many of the runners become more creative during these trance-like states, and some feel their athletic performance is enhanced.

Well, this is exciting stuff for us here, on many levels. The study does really conclude by asking more questions and suggesting more research is needed; indeed. Prior to this study, the vast majority of research had looked at the end result of exercise and running performance. The authors noted that very little research examined the mental processes which occurred during running.

With my own running experiences and having worked with so many runners and met so many over the years at races, clubs, events and so on, I found myself agreeing with some of the opening statements framing this study —. Running is a natural process which under ordinary circumstances requires very little concentration or attention, thereby, freeing the mind to wander in pleasant fantasy.

Most runners tend to run alone and many seek out isolated areas with few distractions, such as parks and country roads. Some might even add, this is a perfect environment for self-hypnosis being described here?

For me it is anyway! There is also a great deal of literature where people refer subjectively to their running experience as delving into other worlds and realms of altered consciousness etc. Which is all very good, but how is this related to or pertaining to hypnosis? The authors of this study suggested that there were some parallels to be drawn between some formal definitions of major authors in the field of self-hypnosis, and the psychological experience of runners detailed in the study.

For example, Fromm et al refer to self-hypnosis as trance-like states with wide variation in depth, increased receptivity to interval events, absorption, and vivid visual imagery — which is very similar to a number of accounts given by runners when describing their own mental experience during running.

Interestingly, comparing the respondents with no previous experience with the 62 who had used hypnosis or other techniques before reveals no significant difference on any of the items asked within the questionnaire. They described rhythmical breathing, counting and stride patterns. Often using some of the lyrics over and over in the mind.

Hypnosis helps with running motivation and endurance…

During this time of the year many people get the motivation to begin a running program whether for added exercise, weight loss, or to train for a running event. Running has many benefits. It adds cardiovascular strength.

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Running can help regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Running or jogging also helps you to lose weight. If you are interested in getting outside and running more often, I encourage you to do so. And if you need an extra motivator, you can look into different options such as finding a running buddy, developing a training program, or getting hypnotherapy.

All these will help you feel motivated and will encourage you to stick with running. Jones is among the best in the world. Jones and Dr. Joe Vitale — Dr. And when you are running you are very focused, very focused. You are aware of what is going on around you and you are very focused, focusing on finishing. And you realize that you finish in a very calm mind.

In your mind, every step along the way is as if you have already reached the finish line. Even during those times when you are simply running for pleasure it is as if you have already completed the run because you understand that for you running is easy and effortless.

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It is natural for you to run. So in your mind, you have already finished. In your mind, if you are racing, you have already won the race.

The benefits of self hypnosis and creating a positive mental attitude to improve your running

Allows everyone else to see this. Running for you is very easy. You enjoy running. You love running. You love jogging. And you love preparing for any race you may be a part of. If for example, you are preparing for a marathon, you are very focused in your preparation. Allowing your body to rest, allowing your body to work hard, allowing your body to rest.

You are in tune with what your body needs; you listen to your body. Your body responds to your desire to run faster, to run more calmly, to win if you are in a race. Whatever kind of running you are involved in whether running for pleasure or running a marathon or running a race of any distance.

Cognitive Sports Psychology and Self-Hypnosis For Running

You are very focused in your preparation. You stretch appropriately beforehand and you reward yourself for winning if you are in a race. You reward yourself by allowing your body to relax, by giving your body proper nutrition. You always give your body proper nutrition. You always allow your body to rest when it needs to and then when you run, your body is able to produce the results you desire.

Imagine yourself running and understand that current research shows that even when you imagine yourself doing something your body reacts to your imagination in a physiological way. Therefore, you can imagine yourself running and derive a certain amount, a certain predictable quantity from just imagining yourself running. So when you relax, you imagine yourself running and your body reacts physiologically and this helps to keep you in the zone.

In recent weeks my training programme has begun Just a quick visit and check-in here at the Hypnosis for Running blog. I just wanted to share my excitement that my 5 year old son completed his first junior park run here on the south coast of England this weekend. He has watched me at many races and events before, It has been 6 weeks since I injured myself sprinting up my home stairs and resulting in me temporarily feeling like a man twice my age. It feels like I have been out of action for years, not weeks. Subscribe to the 'Adam Up' ezine filled with tips, strategies, techniques and lots of hypnosis goodness delivered to your inbox every week.

Hypnosis For Running Hypnosis For Running
Hypnosis For Running Hypnosis For Running
Hypnosis For Running Hypnosis For Running
Hypnosis For Running Hypnosis For Running
Hypnosis For Running Hypnosis For Running
Hypnosis For Running Hypnosis For Running
Hypnosis For Running Hypnosis For Running
Hypnosis For Running Hypnosis For Running

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