Jesus Loves Even Me

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Jesus Loves Even Me - From His Heart - December 15

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Hymns With A Message: JESUS LOVES EVEN ME

We Are Certified By Use the interactive viewer Display higher resolution music Philip P. Another words, what is love? Now I am sure this is not a question that will be answered in a few short paragraphs, but we do need to think outside the box of what society has told us is love. Eros is a reference to erotic love, passionate and sexual in nature.

Phileo is used for affection and fondness, a love that refers to the feelings for a special object or person. Storge is a love that deals with a natural obligation, feelings between a husband and wife or a parent and child.

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Agape is an unconditional love, a love to which we make a conscious choice and commitment regardless of the reciprocation. It is this final love that Philip P.

Hymn Study: Jesus Loves Even Me

We see it in the world He has prepared. We see it in His sustaining hand. But the clearest is found in the Bible, which comes from God. Jesus calls us friends and loves us so much that He would die in our place. Unfortunately we to often begin to forget. Yes, God is love, a love that he extends to each and everyone one of us no matter what we have done. A love, we need only open our hearts to.

Jesus Loves Even Me

When we accept this love that he has given us, we receive from Him the gift of eternal life. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Intersection of Life and Faith
Jesus Loves Even Me Jesus Loves Even Me
Jesus Loves Even Me Jesus Loves Even Me
Jesus Loves Even Me Jesus Loves Even Me
Jesus Loves Even Me Jesus Loves Even Me
Jesus Loves Even Me Jesus Loves Even Me
Jesus Loves Even Me Jesus Loves Even Me
Jesus Loves Even Me Jesus Loves Even Me
Jesus Loves Even Me Jesus Loves Even Me

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