The Deadly Conch: Tara Trilogy

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Death seems to be the only way to stop her evil stepsister. Tara turns to Lord Yama and his deadly conch for help. He takes her to the Underworld to seek advice, but when she returns, she has only twenty-four hours to prove her innocence and to save the village before she must go back to the World of the Dead. Can Tara believe in herself once more to defeat Layla, or will Lord Yama and his deadly conch claim their next victim?

The harrowing conclusion to the thrilling Tara Trilogy answers these questions and more.

The Deadly Conch

Mahtab Narsimhan, a native of Mumbai, has always been fascinated by Indian mythology, fantasy, and adventure. This came together with the unique cultural and spiritual energies of India in her debut novel, The Third Eye, which won the Silver Birch Award. Unluckily she was not at all right for me or my manuscript. Rejections poured in. She gave up on me after eight months of trying to sell the manuscript. I was quite devastated at the time and ready to give up.

But I had invested so much time, effort and sweat in this story that I was compelled to see it through. Also, this was a tribute to my dad.

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I told myself; I would give up on this manuscript only when every publisher in the world had rejected it. I joined a critique group called Kidcrit, started by writer, Marsha Skrypuch. Marsha introduced me to the Barry Jowett, the editorial director at Dundurn. He asked to see my manuscript and I sent it to him expecting yet another rejection.

The Deadly Conch (Tara Trilogy, book 3) by Mahtab Narsimhan

Two years of rejection had primed me too well to hope for anything else. To my shock and utter amazement, he said. He wanted to publish my book. What followed was a week of walking on air, a few months of agony as the contract was finalized and signed, and the joy of holding my first book in my hands, knowing that it was born out of countless hours of writing and rewriting but above all, not giving up.

NM: What an inspiring story!! I love tales about people not giving up on something they really believe in. I'm so glad you didn't give up. MN: I love fantasy as a genre, always have, and always will. I started out reading a lot of Enid Blyton as a child and my favourite then used to be the Faraway Tree series.

The Tara Trilogy 3-Book Bundle: The Third Eye / The Silver Anklet / The Deadly Conch

It was about the adventures of three siblings who discovered a magic tree in the forest which bordered their backyard. Every week, an exciting world floated to the top of the tree. Sometime it was fun, like the land of birthdays or the land of chocolate. Sometimes the world had dangerous goblins or wizards who captured the children as slaves.

Since then, numerous series have caught my interest. Life is tedious enough without having to dwell on it even when I am writing.

The Deadly Conch Reannah and Sole

Fantasy fiction allows me the freedom to veer away from the routine to the totally unpredictable, the fun, and the unimaginable. I find Indian mythology quite fascinating and thought it would be great to bring it to the world in an interesting and palatable form.


What are your thoughts on some of the changes happening in publishing, with the explosion of e-readers and digital technology? Are you enthusiastic, or worried? MN: With the way technology is moving, it was inevitable. As long as our publishers change and adapt to keep up with the times, and we authors continue to get a fair deal for our work, I think we will continue to produce books which will be read by an even greater audience, especially those who would never pick up a book but can read a ton of material on their iPhones or iPads.

There are pros and cons to every situation.

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NM: Definitely. Having more options is always a good thing :. You've mentioned that you are a working writer. How do you manage your time between promoting books, blogging, social media, writing, and working? Give us a snapshot of your typical day. An interesting fact I discovered is that most habits, good or bad, take about two weeks to form. I have followed this routine, i.

I work with my husband at his office from about 9 am to about 6pm. Evenings are for research, social media and other activities. That hold true even for writing a novel. NM: I envy your discipline! Something I keep trying to work on grin. Will have to try that two week trick What is the best fan feedback you've ever received? This was for The Third Eye and I was so pleased! To have your fans devour a book that took you years to write, in a few hours means I accomplished what I set out to do.

I knew then, all that trouble, heartache and frustration was worth it! NM: And I'm sure that reader spoke for dozens of others who are too shy to get in touch!

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  8. Tell us your favourite part of writing your trilogy, besides seeing it published :. MN: For me, writing is a process of self-discovery. Fear of change and of the unknown have always been a huge source of anxiety for me and in writing this story I worked through it along with my feisty heroine,Tara. Since when I finished the trilogy, I have embraced a philosophy of change and of constantly challenging myself. I quit my full-time, well paying job of twelve years to help my husband, thereby starting a fifth career I have worked as a Front Office manager, a credit card sales executive, a recruiter, and a VP Operations previously.

    I learned how to do school presentations, starting with an audience of seventy-five students and working my way up to three thousand. Public speaking no longer terrifies me. And now whenever I am presented with an opportunity that scares me, I make sure my answer is yes. NM: I love bold, brave and daring women!

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    I wish you much success with your books, Mahtab, and thank you, again, for taking the time to graciously answer all my questions. Wednesday, March 23, What's Going On.

    The Deadly Conch: Tara Trilogy The Deadly Conch: Tara Trilogy
    The Deadly Conch: Tara Trilogy The Deadly Conch: Tara Trilogy
    The Deadly Conch: Tara Trilogy The Deadly Conch: Tara Trilogy
    The Deadly Conch: Tara Trilogy The Deadly Conch: Tara Trilogy
    The Deadly Conch: Tara Trilogy The Deadly Conch: Tara Trilogy
    The Deadly Conch: Tara Trilogy The Deadly Conch: Tara Trilogy

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