The Shelter Budgies

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getting a budgie from the SPCA? : budgies

Full size images This is a full-screen carousel of images and or videos of this pet. Sponsor Thank you for helping homeless pets! OK Close this dialog. Ask About Parakeets Budgies.

Budgie Aviary Plans

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Do you have pets in your home? I know that sounds weird but it looks like a great big crusty crater and not the normal flaky girl cere. The other nostril looks normal but the one has an issue.

Any ideas as to what that might be? I have a couple of pictures but I'm not sure how to size them yet to upload them. Thanks for the help Wolf! I am not sure if this would be it as it is only in one nostril, but it may be. I will try to find the page. As it turned out the blockage was caused by a build-up of mucas like snot in humans , which had hardend. Her owner had mentioned that she had had a cold about 5 years ago, which was probably the cause. Because of the removal of the blockage, it stimulated the mucas to flow again, so we regularly have to bathe her nose to make sure it does not harden.

All her test results were fine and shes a very healthy bird.

Re: Budgie Lost His Mate - Giving Him To Shelter?

I love the idea of adopting, especially since the budgie from last month really melted my heart. Ahhhhh I'm torn!

3 Hour Sounds for Lonely Budgies - Budgie singing flock

Trying to convince the husband Awww, she's adorable She looks very healthy too, feathers are very good, eyes are bright, she's not at all thin, has all of her flight feathers and even her whole tail! But she looks really good, probably a pet that someone lost I'd say go for it!!! I am obviously partial to Budgies, they are wonderful birds, but this one looks very healthy, fairly young, and probably came from a good, loving home if she knows Disney tunes and is in such good health Quote: Originally Posted by EllenD.

I still have not heard back from the shelter. I did ask hubby last night and he said no His reasoning is that I just got Ember true, in August , just got a huge cage for them with perches and toys, and he thought I would be happy with my two birds after that.

Nature Forever Bird Feeder, Transparent (2 Pieces)

I tend to be impulsive about things, and I know I don't need her, but she does need a good home. I am still not giving up yet. I will keep thinking about it, and if she is still there on Saturday, I want to go visit her. No harm in visiting I thought drawing a picture of her would maybe help me let her go but its only made my want for her worse I'll keep you guys updated on what happens!

She is a beauty!

Keeping my fingers crossed that you can bring her home. In rescuing birds, I lost my mind but found my soul.

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Indeed Poppy is beautiful! Whats one more beak to feed? They are so dang cute,intelligent,playful,chatty I simply adore their "budgie" talk! C'mon hubby! Poppy could be your next best friend! Awe, c'mon hubby, she's a beautiful, loving Budgie that needs an experienced, loving home They're just smaller Did you hear back from the shelter as to whether or not she's still available? I know that at my Avian Rescue, all of the smaller parrots are always the first to go.

The Shelter Budgies The Shelter Budgies
The Shelter Budgies The Shelter Budgies
The Shelter Budgies The Shelter Budgies
The Shelter Budgies The Shelter Budgies
The Shelter Budgies The Shelter Budgies

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