The West Point Story

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Dancing cadet Gene Nelson taps out some neat numbers. The story is overlong and dated with corny situations that make the running time seem twice as long…Doris Day and Gordon MacRae register well as a singing team and help put spark into the new music. Roy Del Ruth Louis F.

Cadet Run Out of West Point After Accusing Army’s Star Quarterback of Rape

Gene Nelson is again along for the ride and some dances, along with Virginia Mayo. Harry thinks Tom's show could be a Broadway success if he would only quit West Point. Bix travels to West Point, with his girlfriend, Eve Virginia Mayo , in tow, to whip the show into shape. In frustration, Bix hits a cadet. In order to continue to work on the show, Bix must become a cadet himself, and deal with the attendant hazing that entails.

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His bright idea to save the show is to coerce a "friend in the business" to work on the production. Tom falls in love with her, but complications of show business vs. As in most Hollywood Musicals, there is, of course, a happy ending. Movie Quotes Eve Dillon: I've been "taking 10" since I've known you watching you fight your way to the bottom!

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Elwin 'Bix' Bixby: I don't fight, Baby. I'm a lover!

Eve Dillon: You heel! Can't even pay a hotel bill! After gaining experience and national recognition during the Mexican and Indian wars, West Point graduates dominated the highest ranks on both sides during the Civil War.

A West Point cadet is missing along with an M4 rifle, military academy says

Academy graduates, headed by generals such as Grant, Lee, Sherman and Jackson, set high standards of military leadership for both the North and South. The development of other technical schools in the post-Civil War period allowed West Point to broaden its curriculum beyond a strict civil engineering focus.

The West Point Story

Following the creation of Army post-graduate command and staff schools, the Military Academy came to be viewed as the first step in a continuing Army education. In World War I, Academy graduates again distinguished themselves on the battlefield. After the war, Superintendent Douglas MacArthur sought to diversify the academic curriculum.

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In recognition of the intense physical demands of modern warfare, MacArthur pushed for major changes in the physical fitness and intramural athletic programs. Additionally, the cadet management of the Honor System, long an unofficial tradition, was formalized with the creation of the Cadet Honor Committee. The postwar period again saw sweeping revisions to the West Point curriculum resulting from the dramatic developments in science and technology, the increasing need to understand other cultures and the rising level of general education in the Army.

In , President Johnson signed legislation increasing the strength of the Corps of Cadets from 2, to 4, more recently reduced to 4, To keep up with the growth of the Corps, a major expansion of facilities began shortly thereafter.

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Another significant development at West Point came when enrollment was opened to women in Sixty-two women graduated in the class of , to include Andrea Hollen, Rhodes Scholar. Just as women are a vital and integral part of the U. Army, so they are at West Point. In recent decades, the Academy's curricular structure was markedly changed to permit cadets to major in any one of more than a dozen fields, including a wide range of subjects from the sciences to the humanities.

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Since , the mission of the West Point Museum has been to collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret historically significant artifacts and stimulate interest in the United States Military Academy at West Point, the United States Army and the Profession of Arms.

The West Point Story The West Point Story
The West Point Story The West Point Story
The West Point Story The West Point Story
The West Point Story The West Point Story
The West Point Story The West Point Story
The West Point Story The West Point Story
The West Point Story The West Point Story
The West Point Story The West Point Story

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